Simply Surrender 
Day Retreats

Join a small group of people soaking up the blissful environment of the salt cave at

Just Breathe Salt Spa in Hyannis on Sunday, October 23, from 9a.m.- 3p.m.

Maximum 10 guests

Reserve for a group or individual, must be 18 or older

Pre-registration & payment required $300 per person

Your healing journey kicks off with a crystal bowl sound bath and 45 minute halotherapy session to deeply relax you and clear your energy field.  You will have all day access your own zero gravity chair with BioMat.  A self-healing techniques workshop (includes printed materials) will be followed by a lunch break to explore Main Street offerings.  Reiki, reflexology and chair massages are woven in throughout the morning and afternoon.  We end our day with a final relaxing 45 minute halotherapy session with frequency infused music on your personal headphones.

Please send your interest by e-mail to or phone 508-280-2006