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Updated: May 27, 2022


Thanksgiving greetings dear friends. I'm so happy to have you following my blog. I'm grateful each day for the number of people I serve as a life coach, healing facilitator and teacher. As you know my focus is life transitions, energy work and overall wellbeing. It has been a dream of mine to get to this place where work doesn't feel like work. It fills me with gratitude and excitement each time I venture out to my office to see clients. I am successful because my energy vibrates with the frequency of gratitude and joy. Congratulations to my clients and students for choosing to put themselves first and focus on wellness. Thank you all for your trust, and for opening up to the flow of life during these stress filled times.

This blog post is about successful habits that help you manifest your desires. Who doesn't have parts of your life you'd like to change? Your life will never change until you change something you do daily. Your daily routine is the framework of your success. One of the classes I teach is about manifesting your desires. It is typically taught after the series of classes that help you establish your daily practice. Why? Because manifesting will be harder without the proper preparation. Clearing your energy (and your space), getting focused about what you want, and getting yourself grounded with a solid routine are steps to success.

A daily practice can be spiritual, or it can be healthy living habits. It can be the practice of self-care or relaxation techniques. A daily practice can even start small with a habit tracker or activity log. When trying to manifest change in your life's circumstances or a specific goal, you must take effective daily steps to bring it to life. If these small steps or action items are not scheduled then you likely won't do them. Planning out what you will do today, tomorrow and the following day to bring you closer to your desire is the way to manifest. Planning out where you will carry out your steps is also important. Set the stage! The more energy you bring to each step the bigger the actions ripple effect.

A successful daily habit can be anything from drinking a healthy amount of water, exercise, journaling, breath work, meditation, reading a self-help book, listening to an inspirational pod cast, or networking. Does this resonate with you? Here's an example of another positive habit. Choose a hobby that excites you. Act on it, do something to creatively express yourself. This boosts you into a vibration of bliss. The higher the vibration, the easier it is to manifest. Now that you are in that frequency you tackle your action items, and reach your goals. Sometimes manifesting is nearly immediate.

Quantum physics teaches us that linear time is not the frequency we tap into when manifesting. The past and future are all happening in the now. Try not to judge yourself if something isn't flowing. Consult someone who can view your situation through a different lens. Sometimes we are too close to see what's blocking us. I like to give examples of blocks that have been overcome, and recent client interactions. When grief, sadness, anger or resentment are part of your daily energy you simply cannot manifest new good things into your life. Are you stagnating? You may point blame at people or situations as a reason why things are not progressing for you. Its time to purge the negative emotions and not carry the burden. Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world when you let go. You have to bravely claim these emotions, "feel them to heal them" is a popular saying.

I hope you benefit from this brief introduction to why establishing a daily practice is so important. Till we meet again dear friends, be well.

Bright blessings, -K

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