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Pre-registration is required, $130 per person for each degree certification 

Inquirers see below for more details 

Dreamtime:  Wednesday, September 28, 5:30 p.m. at Just Breathe Salt Spa in Hyannis.  A workshop for those curious about the various types of dreams.  From the prophetic to the lucid, each realm plays a role in your spiritual journey.  Get a better understanding of your dreams and the crystals you can use to enhance your experiences.  $45 p/p, includes a 1 hr. salt cave session, pre-registration is required. Call 508-771-7258 to register.

Essential Oils for Symptom Management: October 26, 4:30 p.m. at beautiful Highfield Hall & Gardens in Falmouth

Cost:  $45, p/person for members, and $55 for non-members.  Pre-registration required, link to follow.  In this nature meets science workshop Kristine teaches how to safely & naturally treat sudden or chronic physical/emotional symptoms that impact your quality of life.  Learn the methods of ingestible, inhalation and topical use of oils for babies, children, pets and adults.  Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils will be demonstrated, and you will receive a full packet of educational materials to reference at home.  Your attendance enters you in the special door prize drawing for a pairing of oils and diffuser.


Self-Healing Techniques for Stress Management: Presented during our Simply Surrender Day Retreat- Sunday, October 23, 9 a.m.- 3 p.m. at Just Breathe Salt Spa in Hyannis.  See the Day Retreat Page for details and e-mail for registration.  

Additional Workshop Offerings 

  • Mastering Your Personal Energy Hygiene

  • A Deeper Understanding of the Chakra System 

  • Balancing Your Chakras 

  • Establishing Healthy Boundaries for Empaths, Highly Sensitive People & Caregivers 

  • Manifesting Your Desires 

  • Developing Your Intuitive Skills Part I, II & II

  • Essential Oils for Symptom Management 

  • Cooking With Essential Oils

  • Self-Healing Techniques for Stress Management  

  • Declutter Your Life

  • Exploring Near Death Experience (NDE) (LECTURE) 

I am honored to be a Reiki Master Teacher.  Thank you for your interest, I’m excited to pass on what I have learned and hold sacred.

Reiki changed and saved my life. My empowerment rose with each degree of Reiki attunement I received dating back to 2012.  I live by the code of ethics and philosophy that has been passed down through thousands of years. 

I have had the experience of sharing Reiki with pregnant women, newborns, people and pets of all ages, as well as the dying.  There is no more profound experience than easing the passing for someone transitioning from physical life to afterlife.  Reiki is proven to reduce stress, blood pressure and improve other metabolic functions in the body.   

Every time you share Reiki with someone, you receive the flow of healing energy through your body first.  This is why I say I feel changed and saved by this healing modality and lifestyle.  I have struggled with auto immune illnesses, injuries and other ailments for over 30 years.  It is only after sharing the gift of Reiki with others that I have found relief.  Many of my symptoms and some conditions have spontaneously gone into remission. 

In my workshop series and Reiki trainings you will learn valuable tools

to take charge of your physical/emotional well being, 

focus your intentions and manifest your dreams.  I highly recommend all Reiki students explore the personal energy hygiene and chakra classes to enhance your practice.

Each participant will receive a full presentation folder of materials and

have access to my lending library of books. 

Thank you for your interest.  

Reiki I:  5-6 hour class begins with the origins of Reiki, some basic applications of Reiki I and self-healing techniques.  Each student receives their Reiki I Attunement before we break for 30 minutes.  Please bring your lunch or snacks, beverages are provided. The remaining time will be dedicated to the hands on practice of Reiki I. Students will partner with each other and everyone will perform and receive a full session. We will, also, practice group Reiki, that is performed in clinic group settings.  Q&A throughout the day.  Each student receives a binder with printed materials and a Reiki I Attunement Certificate. 

Private or group classes available for all degrees.

Reiki II:  This 3-4 hour class begins with your second degree attunement and launches into the use of symbols, and distance Reiki.  Beverages provided, please bring your own snacks for a brief 15 minute break.  Each student will receive handouts and

Reiki II Attunement Certificate.  

Reiki Master Practitioner Training: 4-6 hour class focusing on the master symbols training 

Reiki Master Teacher Training: 3-4 hour class focusing on the attunement process and ethics of teacher training.  

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