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4 Ways To Shift Your Energy

Updated: Jan 7


How are you dear friends? I'm writing today about personal energy hygiene. There is so much to be said about this topic. Here are just a few highlights to consider.

Many years ago I would let myself be deeply affected by other's negativity and it lingered on me. I inevitably shared it with anyone who came into contact with me. My fault? Yes, it's my responsibility to clear my own energy field, and keep it clear. It's my responsibility to manage my stress and not burn out. I didn't have all the tools then, but I do now. Being a highly sensitive person means I have to pay extra special attention to the company I keep, and my own personal energy hygiene.

Do you agree that you are responsible for the energy you are giving off? Blaming others gets you more deeply stuck. Circumstances that created a bad mood, physical or emotional pain are your responsibility to change. When you shift your energy, you take charge of your reality so things can flow. Are you in pain, feeling stuck, unappreciated or overburdened? When you are feeling anxious, unmotivated, defeated or beyond frustrated, please try these tips. Energy-care is a critical part of self-care. Elevate your vibration immediately and re-set.

#1. Stop what you are doing, change your posture, stretch and change your location if you can. Seek fresh air and natural light. Try this breathing technique 4-7-8 breathing exercise. Go to for instructions.

#2 Inhale something that will go straight to your brain, like lavender-citrus- or mint. Have a supply of essential oils to diffuse or apply on the go. Your olfactory senses will respond fast! If you need help determining which oils offer maximum impact, contact me. I've been using essential oils for decades and provide workshops on aromatherapy. I use and sell doTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils to ensure the highest quality to inhale, ingest and use topically.

#3 Don't tough it out alone! The sound of a friend's laugh, your favorite music, a video you've saved on your phone of anyone and anything that makes you feel joy. Call someone who is an uplifting friend or loved one. Put on your favorite music and let it move you. Do you sing? Or maybe just let out a primal yell in the privacy of your car with the windows up. Chant a mantra, any word or positive affirmation. It doesn't matter what it sounds like but releasing your vocal chords shifts your energy. The human voice is an integral part of sound healing. It is our instrument, and it's free...

#4 This one is for those of you who are more cerebral and need a deeper dive. If you are not as visual, your senses are more refined and you live in your head...You know who you are. Pour your favorite non-alcoholic beverage, get out a piece of paper and write down all the things you are grateful for in your life. If you have trouble sleeping do this before bed to change your mood and you will be more inclined to fall asleep and remain asleep. Put yourself in the mindset of gratitude, relive one of your happiest memories. What makes your heart sing? Go into that vibration and remain there as long as you can. Try a recorded guided meditation. Please, please don't watch the news before bed, put on a comedy if you have to watch TV at all.

Remaining stuck or in a mode of victimhood is so unnecessary. Turn to a therapist, acupuncturist, coach or healing facilitator. Nothing comes from doing nothing. It's all about intention, if you set the intention at the beginning of any effort to shift your energy then it WILL happen. You have free will.

Bright blessings,


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