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Back to Basics

Updated: Jan 7


Greetings dear friends, I hope this post finds you safe and healthy. Tis the season for back to business, back to school, and back to basics. Every September I find myself hitting the reset button on my life, well I'm a week early this year. Today's fizzled out tropical storm, and full moon have me charged with a little jumpstart on my normal September routine. I find the shift in season very refreshing and it activates something in me each year. I set new goals to achieve by the end of the year, start a cleanse/detox, pick up a course of study, and organize myself back to a balanced routine. Do you have a back to school seasonal shift?

My summer was quite busy with work not play. I found it challenging because I was not at my usual high energy level. For several months my body was feeling the impact of Hashimoto's thyroiditis. It is an autoimmune disease that I have suffered with for twenty seven years. The weight gain, crushing fatigue and other symptoms had me in their grip. It took a long time to get sorted, thankfully my levels are back in normal range and I feel much better. I have the energy to get back to basic daily fitness habits, master my 21 day cleanse, and work toward my top 3 goals to achieve by the holidays.

I am propelling myself forward being my own coach and wishing for an accountability partner. I will have one by the end of the week. I call that an action item. Action items lead me to faster achievement of my goals. I also use daily affirmations and visualization to stay motivated. These practices are in addition to daily meditation, at least 20 minutes in the morning to get the day off to a great start. Since becoming certified in sound healing therapy I have been using my crystal bowls each morning. They help to amplify my meditation and accelerate the healing vibration for my body, mind and spirit. I need all the help I can muster.

I pulled an oracle card today as I set my intentions for meditation. I drew this card from the Sufi Wisdom Oracle, and I had never drawn this particular one in the two years I have used this deck. Its called "Finding the path", you are the driver and the navigator. THAT'S ME! Its meaning is about trusting your inner wisdom and finding your way. How apropos. I find Spirit very bold now, there's no subtle signs for me to labor over the possible meaning. I'm so grateful for this intuitive clarity. Anyone who knows me knows that I lack patience. I love fast results and being the driver and navigator. Each morning I ask to be graced with patience. A Scorpio with Sagittarius rising and Aries Moon, what do you expect? Of course I struggle with patience. I've had to practice tolerance and patience these past months, especially with the healthcare system. I surrendered to the reality that it takes time for a proper dosage to be established in order to balance the thyroid. I'm not as hard on myself as I used to be. I nurtured myself with extra self-care measures to battle my frustration, mood imbalance and weight gain. I'm a firm believer that the halotherapy I receive at the Just Breathe Salt Spa, (dry salt therapy cave) is what saved me yet again. I rallied what energy I had and routinely used the salt to stabilize my mental health, restore my sleep pattern and give me the boost I needed to facilitate healing for my clients.

So what does back to basics mean for you? How are you keeping up with daily energy hygiene? Are you able to clear or shift your energy when things frustrate you? Are you being tolerant and patient with yourself and others? Some of my early blog posts talk about shifting your energy. I'd like to touch upon one of the basics that I find people really need constant reminding of. Grounding, or earthing if you prefer. We need it to keep our natural cortisol rhythm, relieve inflammation and pain as well as feel stable and mentally clear. Its a daily practice for some, and others have never heard of it. Let's take my dog Sasha for example. I have written about her anxiety over a year ago, well its gone. She just turned six, and her daily earthing is the healing she needed. No drugs!

Where we used to live there was no fenced in yard so I had to take her to the dog park to run. It is entirely made of asphalt and gravel. Each day she was on a sidewalk, then a gravel dog park. She was not making contact with grass, soil and Mother Earth's vibrant energy that helps us to stabilize. Her anxiety spiraled. Grounding is absolutely necessary for daily energy hygiene. Animals in the wild naturally experience it, but domestic animals may struggle if they live in the city or don't have access to yards like Sasha has now. Each morning while she runs and digs, I put my feet in the dirt. I focus my breath and stretch in salutation to the sun and then place my hands in the dirt. I walk barefoot in the grass until there's frost on it. I have a grounding mat for those winter months that make it so hard to connect with the earth through frozen layers. Below are some of my helpful resource links. You are welcome to visit my office lending library for books that speak to these topics. I would love to see you at a workshop soon. I'm scheduling September, October & November dates for a three part series. Entitled, you guessed it, "back to basics". The series will cover a myriad of self-healing best practices and a deeper understanding of the chakra system.

Till we meet again. -K

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