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Updated: Jan 7

What is Compassionate Detachment?

Greetings friends, I hope this post finds you healthy and safe. I talk a lot about self-care, and maintaining your well being. Here is a topic that may help those of you work toward balance in relationships and supporting yourself with love.

What is "compassionate detachment"? The term can be plainly explained as a way to relate to others while allowing them to solve their own problems.

As a coach, healer and even a friend I listen to dramatic and traumatic details of people’s lives on a regular basis. How do I separate myself professionally, and personally from being affected by this? Compassionate detachment is a term for the practice of calmly listening without judgement or trying to fix the situation for the person. There are ways to express love and compassion without becoming attached to the outcome. Holding people accountable to solve their own issues does not mean we are less loving or compassionate, it does not mean we don’t care about the outcome. Detachment, and healthy boundaries are an act of self-care/love. In toxic situations it is the only way to achieve self-preservation.

Empowering people to take steps to change their circumstances is my professional goal. A common theme amongst my clients is toxic relationships. What about in your personal life? Breaking free of this negative cycle is so liberating. Once you learn the best practices you will feel empowered. You can be present for someone without rescuing them. It is their journey not yours, it’s time to step back.

Coaching can help you set healthy boundaries with the people in your life and not feel guilty about it. With all we have to face in todays world, any amount of toxicity in our relationships is too much. My sincere hope is that you will be inspired to research this subject on your own or reach out to me for one to one support.

Till we meet again, take good care. -K

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