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Updated: May 27, 2022


Winter greetings dear friends. As the solstice has shifted us into winter I hope you have been blessed with good health and peaceful feelings as we wrap up 2021. This holiday season try to reflect on everything this past year brought to your life. The positive things and the challenges all had lessons to teach us. Release with gratitude the lesson learned, and let go of what we should not be burdened by. Don't let the past hold you back, each day is a clean slate.

January is a time to think about what we want from the year ahead. A new calendar to fill in. It is a time to set small goals and larger goals that will bring us closer to manifesting our dreams. Instead of new year resolutions that for some, often fail, I believe in smaller achievable quarterly goals. I've written about this before and I'm sure I will again. The momentum we experience from reaching these small goals fuels the larger goals. Everyone wants to be successful and realize their dreams. Some people need a coach to support them and hold them accountable to their action items.

Every seat is taken at my workshops on mastering your energy and manifesting your desires because people are hungry for change. If you have not already participated in a workshop now's the time.

If you are wondering how the workshop themes are chosen it's divinely guided, and based on recent feedback. My client's and their friends are often in situations that follow a theme. They come in clusters. It can be overwhelming to serve several people in a week with that same theme. I take it as a sign that I need to focus support in this area. Then I create a module of a workshop around it. "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."

Many proactive people are seeking guidance so they can reach their goals faster, with less strain. People ask me all the time, how often should they come for healing sessions, intuitive guidance or coaching? It is different for everyone. It's about your mindset and what goals you are trying to reach. As a healing facilitator my job is to raise the clients vibration/energy. When the client rises to meet the new fusion of life force energy, grabs onto it, accepts it, healing can and does occur nearly spontaneously. The shifts, releases and progress made in one session can be amazing. What makes a healing session this successful? Intention has everything to do with it.

The same is true for intuitive work or coaching. If the client is open, clear and honest with themselves, the results flow easily. Everyone has goals, they are not always the right goals. Sometimes that is why you don't get what you want, because it shouldn't be part of your current journey. Often they are redirected to the goals that their soul wants them to embrace, for their higher purpose. This happens with surrender to the healing or coaching partnership. Together we listen to their body, and spirit to embrace what the soul's needs them to focus on. The path may change from what they thought it was going to be, but its always worthwhile.

If you want to discover your soul's purpose, you are a seeker. I applaud you. If you need help reviewing, and moving forward with intention feel free to reach out. January events are here! There's more to come so please check back often. My very best wishes to you all for a healthy and happy holiday season. Thank you to everyone who was a part of my 2021 journey to manifesting my desires. What a ride it was. Till we meet again.

Bright blessings, -K

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