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Coming Home

"Home is not a's a feeling"

Holiday and Solstice blessings dear friends. I hope with all my heart that this post finds you healthy, happy and hopeful. I am writing this at yet another time of transition in my life. This one is quite positive and I'm excited to share my news.

When I began writing this post I decided to entitle it "Coming Home", because of the many meanings these words hold for me at this time. I have done some serious reflecting on this past year, what it taught me, what it cleared out, and what it set in motion in my life. Coming Home to myself is truly the heart of the matter. Do you know the phrase, "coming back into your power"? I have been in a struggle most of this year, and through it all, I was leaking my personal power. Each time I would try to replenish a new drain would find me. Some significant forces were at work, and now there has been a leveling up. I'm back in my high frequency of empowered energy and sharing it in smaller doses with those I serve. My personal and professional boundaries are strongly reestablished. I feel like myself again, and it is so good to be Home.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the special people who supported me through this year, personally and professionally. I am so very grateful to all of you for your love, patience, and generous offerings of opportunities. All of them came together in Divine Time, like my November post spoke about. I'm positive that this time, and the year to come is going to be filled with attracting the right people, and even more opportunites into my life. The momentim is already building.

Coming Home has another meaning for me right now. I'm coming home to my creative passion for teaching, public speaking and hosting workshops. I put my public events on hold for several months and was only teaching once a month for the municipal workers wellness program. I truly thrive when I am in this lane, and I'm so happy to have the opportunity to get back out there in front of new audiences. Check out the Classes & Events page of my website, and please return often for additional offerings. Venues are coming together and once the dates are secured new posts will be added on the website and social media.

Coming Home to my goals and creative energy have burst wide open in a career opportunity. I accepted an offer to return Home to my former career in Senior Living. This is a field I have mastered over many years. For those of you who don't know me well, I began working in senior related healthcare over twenty five years ago. I have served older adults in many capacities, most recently in home care management. Returning home to Senior Living where I began a new path in 2008 feels truly like the most beautiful Home Coming. I will impact many lives and secure balance in multiple facets of my life with this new role at Maplewood at Brewster. I am honored to join the remarkable team in this beautiful community. I have worked with many of the Maplewood properties, especially Brewster, over the years since their opening to move in clients in need of independent, assisted living and memory care.

Please know I will continue to support my current clients needs, and offer my time to new people inquiring. My office has been a sanctuary to me, and continues to be a warm embrace for those I serve in that space. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you are in need of coaching, energy healing, intuitive guidance, or the healing benefits of my products lines of organic CBD & Essential Oils. Sunday Reiki certification classes will start up again in February. I will also be offering a Reiki-Reboot for anyone who was certified in the past who never had the opportunity to practice. If you would like to refresh your skills and put them to use in voluntary or fee for service, we will cover everything you need to feel confident and launch your practice.

If this post resonates with your own transitional time, I would love to connect with you. There is power in validation and collaboration. I am open to co-facilitating workshops, events and sessions. The most impactful sessions are with multiple practitioners working on one or more clients. I welcome any and all outreach. 2024 is going to be a time of breaking through and moving beyond boundaries to exceed your own expectations. I wish you all the comfort of Coming Home.

Bright blessings,


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