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Divine Timing

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

"Anything that you dream and desire to manifest in your life will always manifest when your soul is in alignment with allowing it into your reality."

Autumn greetings dear friends, I hope that you all are getting more grounded. It's Libra season after all. Balance, timing, justice and grounded security. The cosmic energy is potent right now in the days prior and after eclipses of the sun and moon. How are you feeling? Are you having waves of emotion, chaos, misunderstandings, or abrupt change? I'm experiencing all of the above. Manifesting can be blocked if you are not in alignment with what you truly want. Sometimes we manifest out of need and fear.

I was overhearing a woman's conversation yesterday, where she expressed her deep disapointment in her cruise travel plans having to be altered. I reflected on my own life during this brief eavesdropping and realized, my last vacation was a cruise to Bermuda in 2014, pictured here in this post. I was so sick! My travel partner told me to drop some visine, and try not to cough so I could board the ship. Sad, to some, but reality to many. I manifested that vacation due to severe burnout at work in the assisted living industry. That trip showed me exactly what I did not want in my life and proved to be Divine Timing to save me from a lackluster relationship. I am grateful it happened, even though I was in severe asthma bronchial flare up, like I have been in recent weeks. Perhaps that eavesdropping and reminiscnece of the past burn out and doomed vacation, was yet another validating sign that change is needed. Ahh the timing. I live in a vacation destination, yet we all get caught up and often cannot find the balance to give ourselves rest, rejuvenation or traditional vacation leave.

I'm going to share a brief story with you. It has some synchronicities, and in my book, that means Divine Timing. I began a new job in early July that stretched me beyond my comfort zone. It has proven to be mentally overwhelming and I like to be in control. I stopped accepting new clients in my private practice as a result. I am so grateful to have honored my existing clients during this time. I knew I would have to immerse myself in the new role in order to be successful. It was yet another leap of faith. About two months in, I was driving to a client's home and my Jeep broke down. I heard my voice come across the car radio. It was a past interview on Wellness Wednesday, with Rebecca Romo on 99.9 The Q. I had no idea she was re-airing the interview. This portion of the interview was about proper self-care, and transitioning through life's changes. OF COURSE IT WAS!!! I was racing to an appointment of critical urgency. Wow! Seriously Universe?!? I stood bolt upright beside my Jeep and paid attention to my own messaging about self-care, while calling roadside assistance, and my office to report I may be late.

LATE!?! What is that? Scorpio, hyper-vigilant over achievers are not LATE... Well, it is amazing (Divinely Guided) but because I am always early, even with the Jeep breaking down, I was exactly on time for this appointment. Whew! Lesson, still being worked out...

As always, I write about what is a common theme amongst my clients, friends, family and of course myself. Yes, it has been since July when I last posted. I have not gone this long without a post since I first began this blog. I needed to take a step back. I honored my new path and had to "pick my battles" so they say. Priorities changed, life changed, and it's about to change again. I have to embrace the changes. It is what being a Scorpio in constant transformation is about. Hence, why I named my practice "Healing Transformations." People that I am currently serving are all experiencing a huge re-calibrating, or balancing themselves. Most are forced changes without notice. We all have to learn the "Pivot" and make adjustments along the way. It is hard, life is a struggle for many. I welcome your feedback on this topic.

As I look back on July, August, September, and the first half of October, I should be proud of my service to older adults. However; I'm frustrated and not experiecing any balance at all. I have to "right the ship". It's evident I have to continue to take my own advice and keep self-coaching. I am invoking Libra energy to get the scales balanced once again. If you need this balance I would be happy to collaborate, or reach out to your health and mental health professionals for support.

It is with a heavy heart that I close my classroom space at Fountain Place. I will remain in my original office where I perform energy healing and have room for coaching. I have not stopped teaching, in fact I was hosted at a space last night for 30 students. I welcomed the one to one sidebar moments with the attendees, to privately review their symptoms and my suggestions for their relief. This is where I thrive, providing solutions. There's always a way, and it is Divine Timing that finds me.

As I come back into alignment and re-acclimate to my one combined office space, I welcome you to reach out and explore the many ways we can work together. Thank you as always for your continued support of my work.

Brightest blessings to you all,


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