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Updated: Jan 7


Dear friends,

April is such a powerful time that I decided to share a second post. Are you feeling a great spring shift of energy? I certainly am. March was truly an introspective time for me. Was it for you? I'm grateful for it, but glad its behind me. The challenges I faced offered valuable lessons. I feel empowered now that I have revisited what I thought I was clear of. In my power I can do anything. What does empowerment mean to you?

One definition of empowerment is, " the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one's life and claiming one's rights". Empowerment can be fully engaged when we release the past. Our past doesn't have to negatively impact our lives. The release gives us the power to embrace our future without blocks and really express our free will. Feeling stuck may mean there are things you have to acknowledge in order to shed them. This will clear the way for the new opportunities, joy and fulfillment to come in. Consider it spring cleaning.

I know we all want to "get rid of" baggage. A more sustainable path is releasing and clearing the issue, memory, past hurt, or feeling that has blocked you in some way. A block can be in your mindset, holding you back from your career progressing for example. When we think we have thrown away or gotten rid of something it can rear its ugly head later. Why is that? It's because we did the mental work but not the physical work. We talked it through and thought we were past it. This emotion may have remained trapped in our physical body and manifested itself in numerous ways. Headaches, GI issues, auto immune illnesses and the list goes on. When we identify the source and go deep with the feeling it leaves us with, we can acknowledge it and let it freely move out of us. Energy medicine is beneficial to the release. Reiki, acupuncture and deep tissue or cupping massage can help transmute trapped emotions into nutrients for the seeds we plant and nurture for our future.

Here's a further example. In the past I have used talk therapy and meditation for what needed healing, but issues resurfaced. I somehow remained in a loop with them. They were quiet for a while but easily triggered and very present. Trapped emotions in my body were causing acute pain in the site of old injuries from out of nowhere. "Where did that come from? I thought I processed that". That was March for me, and why I'm so relieved that cycle is behind me. There's always some type of reminder of the past. It's progress not perfection, right?

I think about what triggered me and it makes perfect sense. Tax season, financial review, all that focus on money triggered worry and fear as my pain point. I literally felt it in my bones. I released any lingering stubborn energies around a consciousness of lack, feelings of not being supported and abandonment. This is just one example of what trapped emotions can be like. Sometimes these are not even our emotions, they are passed down to us. Ancestral clearing and healing is powerful. All of our negative emotions link back to something from the past. A limiting belief, a negative pattern, and on and on. Never beat yourself up. If you have stalled, or gone backward in some way its ok. When you understand the when, and why it causes a physical or emotional reaction, it is easier to surrender it for healing.

Symptom management goes beyond energy work, I'm committing to my anti-inflammatory diet, routine yoga stretching in addition to my daily practice. It feels wonderful. I hope this helps your self-exploration. Consider energy work or another healing modality that interests you. Be gentle with yourself and let the love flow. Till we meet again.

Bright blessings,


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