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Another Leap of Faith

Updated: Jan 7


Greetings friends,

I'm writing this post with a curious sense of calm. I normally would feel anxious when sharing that I am taking yet another leap of faith, but not this time. I'm writing a book! Not another short story, a non-fiction book. I'm revealing this now thanks to some great advice from Jack Canfield. I took part in a webinar he co-presented yesterday with Steve Harrison. "6 Keys to outrageous success as an author". I had gone to bed the night before thinking a very powerful positive thought. It would be a dream come true if Jack Canfield published the story I submitted to Chicken Soup for the Soul. By morning it was no coincidence that the post about this webinar was the first thing in my Facebook newsfeed. That's the way the universe and my guide team works. FAST! I had five hours to register and be online ready to take part in the webinar.

Jack shared that you should always make it public that you are working on a book. It will deepen your commitment. As a coach I understand accountability, so here goes. I'm writing this book because I want to share my story of how faith conquered fear in my life. I hope it will help people understand their power to heal. The support of female friendships had and continues to have a profound impact on my life. They deserve to be featured prominently in my story.

I have been writing short stories since I was fourteen. My love of writing came from the release I felt when journaling my emotions. There have been a lot of dark feelings and trauma to process throughout my life. Writing was one of the ways I coped. During high school my short stories and one poem were published in "The Word Painter" a collection of student's work. There was something about sharing those stories that is like the calm feeling I have today. As a teenager I was incredibly anxious, an empath finding my way in a large overwhelming school. It would've been normal for me to feel over exposed by having people read what I wrote, but I moved through the attention with ease. I preferred to be quiet and behind the scenes most of the time, but when I used my talent for art, writing or dance I had courage and faith over the fear which was normally my baseline.

I hope as you read this you feel the underlying tone of freedom from fear. I have never shared so much of my life as I have in the past two years since beginning this blog. It is a large part of my healing process that continues to bring relief. If I can transform my life so can you.

My book will help people tap into their own healing power. I hope it will help them overcome fears. I will share many stories featuring the friends who impacted my journey from victim, to survivor to healer. My best friend Pat is coming to see me today. I am attuning her to Reiki I. I am beyond honored to impart this sacred healing training to her. She has been an earthbound Angel in my life. Some of my other beloved friends have passed into Spirit and are truly still guiding me. They are the reason for my calm today. I love you Rita, Chris, Holly and Karen. Till we ALL meet again.

Bright blessings,


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