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Faith & The Future

Updated: May 27, 2022

What would you do if you knew you couldn't fail?

Happy July everyone, how is your summer shaping up so far? Good news, we are free of eclipses, high powered cosmic shifts and Mercury retrograde is behind us. A lighter vibration was ushered in by the new moon in Cancer. We have a little break here to regroup and step into creative energy and abundance. The timing is good for new projects, setting intentions and manifesting. What will you tackle?

Do you allow your to faith guide you? Today I experienced a peaceful morning. The fog was lifting, the thick salt air had a fine mist, I took a deep breath and knew I'm right where I need to be. I'm not worrying about the future for a change. Fear of the unknown can be crippling. I hope to help you worry less about your unknown future and feel empowered in your life today. My faith has served me well and I trust in divine guidance, but that was not always the case. It took me a long time to trust. Honestly it took my master coach asking me point blank, "What do you want more than anything else"? I ask you now, as you are reading this, What do you want, and what are you willing to do to get it? You can take a chance and live your dreams.

Did you know back in 2019, 85% of people in the U.S. were dissatisfied with their jobs? Can you imagine what has happened to that number since then? There are those who took bold steps and made changes but most didn't. Americans are more unhappy now than in the past few decades. We have free will, we can make different choices and take that leap of faith. My husband was known to repeat the phrase, "Keep the faith". Every morning he would say, "Make it a good day". At the time I was not as optimistic about life as he was, I was burnt out working two jobs while caregiving my aunt. I wasn't satisfied in my work so I chose to go back to school. This empowered me to change careers and carve out a new path. I realized I was the only one who could in fact, MAKE it a good day. Our words carry frequency, our actions form our future. I believe his little mantras spoken over and over again influenced me greatly. I still hear them in my head.

We can all increase our confidence with the right support, which leads to self-trust and ultimately faith. Major life choices are scary. People stay stuck in fear of the unknown. You can be overwhelmed, and do something about it. Don't give power to these words, "I can't", "I have to", "I have no choice". YES YOU DO! You can choose yourself! Remember, those negative words carry frequency and keep you blocked. It takes the vibration of four positive words to overcome one negative word. You choose to remain in the job you hate, or you overburden yourself with commitments. You choose to say yes to things you truly don't want to say yes to, and it breeds resentment. Resentment and anger are two of the most toxic emotions you can store in your body. Having choices, like finding a compromise to yes is a strategy. You can learn to negotiate how much you are willing to commit, delegate and balance the weight of the burdens in your life. You have free will and we must love ourselves enough to say no, and trust in new choices.

The #1 reason why people hire a coach is to help them make a major life decisions. The majority of people already know what to choose, but are afraid of making the wrong decision. Hiring a coach empowers you, validates and uplifts you with encouragement. It's a great confidence builder. We live with the consequences of our choices everyday. In the past I made conscious decisions to take on more than I could handle, and I got sick and then sicker. If you are overwhelmed in this crazy world of over commitment, I implore you to seek a solution. Outside of coaching consider talk therapy, support groups, accountability groups or healing modalities like Reiki or Sound/Vibrational Therapy.

For people who are not ready to co-create with a coach, or talk to a therapist, the changes can be self-guided and incremental. You can start with easy changes. This is a subject I come to with the highest compassion, I've been there, like I said, I write what I know. Before I hired a coach, and became one myself, I used talk therapy, journaling and read tons of inspiring books. These are now in my free lending library available to you anytime. The spoken and written word are excellent ways to begin the smaller changes. Use your voice, chant, sing, create or listen to energy shifting frequency music, meditate or try hypnosis. Whatever you do, vent it out, write it out, purge those feelings and feel the momentum.

Self-trust is life changing!

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