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Updated: Jan 7


How are you dear friends? Spring is nearly here, thank goodness for the extra daylight. It's such a welcome change. I'm writing today about the most profound act of forgiveness.

The most common phrase I hear my clients say after a session is, "I feel so much lighter". They look at me with renewed hope and ask, "What should I do next?" I offer my support in mapping out steps they can take to balance their lives. For so many this means first healing the past in order to embrace your future. The process is such a liberating experience that leads to freedom.

Many people take great steps forward with self-care, coaching, or therapy. Some wonder why they don’t feel better, or they still feel stuck. Perhaps stuck in a pattern or behavior that doesn’t serve them, or stuck in a rut. If things are not going their way they sometimes slow down their progress or give up.

Don't give up! There are so many ways to breakthrough blocks. The biggest block for people who continue to struggle with their healing is the F word. Forgiveness is the key. I learned this much later on my journey. I thought I went deep enough into forgiving people, events or circumstances. When I finally achieved that true forgiveness vibration, everything lifted. I quite literally felt like a different person. Chronic physical symptoms I suffered with for years were miraculously gone, just gone. Emotionally I was better than ever.

Begin with forgiving yourself for any judgement of past choices, events or circumstances that were in your control. Move on to forgive other people. Both are difficult, but more worthwhile than you could ever imagine. You don’t need to carry the weight of this burden. Anger, resentment, mistrust, disappointment, fear, and shame. You name it. Claim it, then release it through the act of forgiveness. No one needs to know, it’s between you and the universal energy that supports the vibration of forgiveness.

Forgiving does not give a free pass to the person or event that hurt you. It takes faith and courage to forgive.

You don't need to verbalize it to anyone, it can be an energetic release to remove the block you have in your body that manifests itself as depression, anxiety, physical pain, or disease. It also releases the negative emotion you carry on your psyche, and blocks your true path. Consider it a gift, another act of self-love on your journey to healing, body-mind & spirit.

One of the main themes of recent client sessions after working through forgiveness strategies has been setting healthy boundaries. That is followed by having radical self-compassion so then you can have it for others. When you keep asking yourself, “How do I let go”? Maybe that’s the time you reach out for help.

Coaching or therapy are positive next steps. There are also many books that can guide you. I have a lending library at your disposal. Whatever path you choose, just stick with it. Even confiding in friends can help hash this out, just be as transparent as you can. Holding back will stall your progress. Unlock your healing and be transformed.

Bright blessings,


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