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Fresh Start

Updated: Jan 7

January greetings friends. 2021 is here to provide swift change, a fresh start and powerful energy to boost us forward on our paths. I'm experiencing all of the movement and empowerment that the seeds of 2020 planted. Are you? I've mentioned before, and will again that planetary shifts and alignments alongside momentous events happening in the solar system created an opportunity window for us all. What are you going to do with it?

This powerful "shift" of consciousness/awareness is an intense transformation. No matter what road blocks you have encountered in the past that threw you off your path, or even derailed you entirely are being cleared. Chaos brings change and transformation. Pluto energy, a blessing and a curse perhaps, but needed to help that shift. It's time to tear down past patterns, behaviors, emotional walls, in order to rebuild in our lives with purpose and passion for that path you are meant to be on.

This is a pivotal time to become unstuck. In my own world I quite literally dropped baggage and emotional weight as I entered into the new year. My leap of faith was cutting back my hours in my geriatric profession and giving space to my private practice. I'm allowing it to blossom and grow into a new office space in Yarmouth Port. With the support of my employers at 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors, Michelle & Alyson as well as collaborators like Syd Milliken, the owner of Just Breathe Salt Spa in Hyannis, I took that empowering next step. My friends, family and clients were right there cheering me on. Thank you all, I love you.

If you need help launching your leap, please reach out, it's what coaches and healers do. Pushing through blocks, creating change and capitalizing on momentum are things I'm known for amongst my clients and colleagues. I want you all to feel empowered to live life to your fullest potential, whether that is a career change, spiritual growth, or any number of goals you may have.

Will you respond to the call to action that January presents? Take advantage of this window of time to manifest your dreams into reality. Take a leap of faith.

Till we meet again, bright blessings.


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