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Radical Self-Care

Updated: Jan 7


Friends, we all need to ramp up what we are doing for ourselves during this unsettling time.

I had a comment recently from my previous blog post and in answer to that here are some basics for people who are physically incapable of just going out for a walk, run or bike ride. This is also directed at the many caregivers, helpers and self sacrificing souls who never slow down to care for themselves properly.

Burn out is happening to family caregivers and our health care workers no matter how hard they try to compensate, its emotionally draining them and physically taxing their bodies and immune systems. You need to soothe your central nervous system. Here are some ideas, other than exercise to shift your energy and self soothe.

When I talk about essential oils going straight to the brain, the best tip for placement is the back of your neck where your hairline is. This will go to the brain stem. The bottoms of your feet are also a main traffic system for getting into your body. Applying topically should be tested, and mix with a carrier oil like coconut or almond oil until you know if your skin is sensitive to the pure oil.

Do you have any sea salt, Himalayan salt, or Epsom salt? Draw a hot bath, add the oil and soak. If you can't manage a bath, soak your feet in a salt and oil combination and detoxify a bit. Lavender, mint, or citrus are very effective.

Try the tapping method, EFT Tapping for anxiety. There are many sites with tips and instructions to employ the method anytime anywhere. is one of them.

I know meditation, crystal bowl recordings or live streaming videos are not for everyone. If comfort foods and binge watching Netflix series are your guilty pleasure then perhaps take a break when you can and come up for fresh air. Consider a cleanse, detox, juicing or new vitamins to boost your energy and immune system. Don't forget the Probiotics! If you can't afford them right now, drink or eat cultured beverages/foods like Kombucha, Greek Yogurt, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Tempeh, or Kimchi. Google a list for more ideas. Take good care and be well.

Bright blessings,


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