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Updated: Jan 7

"Hemp-based wellness works! I wish I knew then, what I know now. I could have healed sooner." -K

How are you dear friends? Welcome February. I hope it proves to be a peaceful and successful month for you. It's off to a frigid start here. I just heard from some folks that lost power and heat in these sub zero temps. I'm going through some of that myself. I experienced a flood here at my property, followed by my furnace dying, no heat for seven days, and I'm on day eight with no hot water. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, thankfully. I'm promised a new hot water heater on Monday. YAY! Late January and early February have tested me for sure. Just when things were leveling out for me this came along and put me back in crisis mode.

I'm eternally grateful for the lessons taught to me by my husband Donnie (in Spirit). He prepared me for times like these. We wintered in Maine, and much of the time when we were not skiing, we spent at a family cabin with only a wood stove for heat and to boil water. I'm self-reliant in the cold, but I certainly prefer not to be worried about the sump pump functions and the danger of freezing pipes. Here's a shout out to my friends who have offered me their homes, their hearts and their wallets. I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH! Thank you for letting me vent, and aiding in my journey to accept love and trust in people that will not let me down. You know how hard it is for me to accept help. I have learned to surrender to this and allow myself to receive the love and support with grace, well mostly gracefully, sometimes after a struggle.

Over the past many years I have endured more than my share of power outages and failed equipment in my Centerville, Cotuit and now West Yarmouth homes. Is the Universe telling me to leave the Cape? I know my brother Paul is... This is not unique for the Cape of course, it's part of living near the ocean in a flood zone. It seems to me that enough's enough. Thank goodness I had the wisdom to install a gas fireplace for my dog Sasha and I to cope with times like these. I'm very grateful for all that we have.

During this chaotic time I have taken note that I am without pain. Yes, I said, without pain. For those of you who know me well, you realize this is ASTOUNDING. I'm always in pain, whether its my knee, back, shoulder you name it. I trace this back to about three pain free weeks or so. So, what is different? I am not one to dramatize anything but for real, people this is no joke. I love hemp/CBD products even more now than I ever did. Not only did they help me regulate my nervous system during this crisis, but they reduced my inflammation which led to the NO pain experience. What!?! I know, you may be skeptical but if you follow my lead your wellness journey could be right around the corner.

I'm not going to babble on about symptom relief, I will save that for my Go GREEN Open House event on March 19th. Hemp-based wellness is working and I cannot wait to share it with you in person or virtually. Please feel free to call me, text, email, show up at my office, it's all good. I just want to share my success with you. Last month I shared the frequency healing I had been doing for myself and my clients. I know that has helped my anxiety and pain as well. This is not the way I usually write a montly blog, but I am not feeling my usual self right now. I'm energized with my new opportunity to share these life changing products it is a welcome distraction from crisis to opportunity. I felt intuitively guided to share this message as usually happens before I sit down to write. For those of you who needed to hear this, hemp healing happens. I'm blessed to be of service and incorporate this product line into my practice. May this blessing lead to healing, joy, infinite possibilities, and running hot water soon.

Till we meet again, stay warm and bright blessings.


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