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Healthy Boundaries

Updated: May 27, 2022


Happy spring dear friends, I hope this post finds you thriving. With yesterday's Aries new moon you have the potent energy to manifest what you desire. If you have not already committed to setting goals, now is the time. Focus positive intentions on the things you'd like to attract into your future. Everything you need energetically is at your disposal this beautiful April. If you are having trouble focusing on self-care, your own personal routines and goals for the future, you are not alone. I realize the new moon may not be enough to inspire you, which is why I offer this blog.

As I write this I'm reflecting upon times in my past where I had little to no boundaries. It has brought up so much for me as I put the finishing touches on my latest workshop, "Establishing Healthy Boundaries for Empaths". Many of the clients I serve are empaths, highly sensitive and caregivers. I created this workshop to support them as I was supported in the past. I am so grateful to hold solid boundaries firmly in place. This was not achieved overnight. I have no quick fix, but I do understand the struggle and have outlined great tools for you. I say this all the time, I teach what I needed to learn most in life.

Committing to small incremental changes is the path to success. Will everyone be happy you have made changes? No they won't. That is validation this boundary was needed. Givers and takers share space, energy and emotions. Once you establish healthy personal and professional boundaries life gets easier. Sometimes we weaken a boundary and need to work on it again, it's not failure its progress. Please trust me on this.

Yesterday one of my stories was published in Herself360. I'm sharing it here because it reveals more of my journey. Perhaps it will help you or someone you know.

Till we meet again.

Bright blessings,


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