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Heart Healing

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

There's nothing more important than heart centered healing. It is often painful, it won't be rushed, it requires trust and the utmost self-compassion. You're worth the work." -K

Happy new year dear friends. I hope you are enjoying the start of 2023. I know that it is going to be a magical year. I'm compelled to jump right into this topic. I know there are people struggling with, ignoring or pushing down some things they don't want to feel right now. I wouldn't be drawn to share this if there weren't people who need the message. I hope you take action if this resonates with you, it is truly worth it. You are worth it. If it doesn't resonate with you, but you know someone who could benefit from what I share, please do pay it forward.

I have done a tremendous amount of self-healing work over the years. I have broken down to breakthrough more than once. I have come out the other side of tragedy and trauma. I'm always brutally honest with myself. I never accept status quo, I'm always looking to improve and develop. Life has been a never ending journey of self-discovery. That being said, I shouldn't have been surprised when I recently felt such a time of blocked forward movement. Everything has a reason or a season to be in your life. I was taking two steps forward and ten steps back, or so it seemed. I was forced to have more patience than I even knew I was capable of.

I asked myself, "What is STUCK"? Why am I not manifesting the right things into my life right now? I've done everything right, haven't I? Is this just a temporary set back? Is it unresolved anger, grief, shame, disappointment, frustration? Is it unprocessed trauma? Who do I need to forgive, or do I need self-forgiveness? "WHAT IS IT"?!? I went deep, as we Scorpios have a tendency to do. I cracked open every dark door to the past. Is it here? Is it there? I found that I had to let go of the wheel and surrender, yet again. There's no one and done when it comes to spiritual growth and personal development. It's a climb. You have to build each step as you go. My staircase is long and spiraling.

Over time I located the right door to the feelings that were keeping me stuck. Remember, you have to feel it to heal it. It is so very liberating when you acknowledge what is stuck and send it on its way. Remember to tap the resources appropriate to your situation. If you are dealing with trauma you should consider professional support like a therapist, perhaps even EMDR therapy. You may surely add on an energy healer, acupuncturist or naturopath once you have sought these others and are assured you are not in danger of being without the right support for any emotional imbalance.

So what was stuck with me, oh right. I should probably share that, it is hard for me to admit for sure. I will start with how I found the right door to access the stubborn energy blocking me. My support came seemingly out of the blue, it is called FLFE . I was getting ready for bed one night, I was feeling defeated which is very unlike me. I asked for guidance to come to me in dreamtime and was just about to call it a night when a nudge said, open your email one more time. I found a new email from Regina Meredith. She is an extraordinary woman, and host of Gaia's, Open Minds. She was sharing a live Zoom event that was going to explore FLFE and the 650-850HZ frequency boost. These frequencies are helpful to people shifting and uplifting their energy. This would work for even the most stubborn anxiety and negativity that needs healing. I said to myself, "Leave it to Regina, I'm ALL in..."

I decided to remain awake and logged onto the zoom event. I basked in the flow of this frequency shared with the global audience as well as Regina's channeled meditation of pure love and life force energy. It was truly Divine Intervention. I wanted more. I wanted to feel this warm glow every day. I signed up for the free trial to keep using the boost at home or at the office. For fifteen days I used the frequency during my morning meditation time. I noticed a shifting in me, first in small ways then more significant ways. Now, when triggered by the past I was only thinking of happy memories, or the silver lining of a past hurt. If I thought about something painful, I was immediately able to shift it to a joy filled memory. I was able to see the lesson in that pain and how it led to something positive. This was coming to me automatically, not forced like I have done in the past. I enjoyed other side effects like decreased anxiety, better sleep, and the ability to surrender to the flow. Being present without revisiting the past or worrying about the future was exactly where I needed to be. I've had some physical positive side effects as well. My body is responding beautifully, and I'm hydrating with extra water to handle the frequency boost.

I have never been one to take a vacation. I felt so much compassion for myself that I decided to take a few days off, unplug, cook my favorite meals and just relax. I started to notice more shifts in my moods and waking up happy, looking forward to whatever was to come. Every day since the trial ended I have continued to be in this frequency loving the boost and eliminating any and all stuck energy and negative thought patterns. I felt so strongly about this shift that I began sharing it with clients in session. The combination of the frequency and the energy healing/sound healing that I'm facilitating is like a rocket boost for clearing unwanted vibrations from your body-mind & aura. I receive no compensation for sharing this resource with you. I think its results are hard to ignore, and even if there was some placebo effect happening, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Yes I know, I still haven't said what was stuck. You may recall me sharing my near death experience, (NDE) in a past blog post "Life After Loss" published one year ago. I exposed a raw emotional journey, and it drew a lot of attention and was also published in Herself360. After my NDE I really did not want to be a part of this life on earth. I wanted to go home, back into the light. I carried on my career and was successful, but was unfulfilled. I knew the only way to be happier was to be my authentic self. Gradually I spent more time on my desired path as a coach and healer. I coped with more losses, transitioned through change after change, moved a few times, and landed where I am now. I love my private practice and I thrive on helping people. I am truly devoted to my Soul's path of empowering others to heal themselves. But was my commitment to this mission, to this tour of duty only on the surface? I realized I was still not 100% here in spite of opening my heart and doing all the work I have done to heal my life.

I love myself, my family, friends and clients. I love my Soul's path. I realized what I didn't have enough love for was being a part of the world as we know it right now. I was detached. When it came right down to it, I wasn't putting out the frequency of being in love with this life enough to be manifesting desires here. If you have one foot in the spiritual realm at all times, like I do, how do you love being in the 3D world? I am ready to go back to Spirit at any time, I'm truly unafraid of the transition we call death (I've been there already). I had to acknowledge that I was resigned to being here and just making the best of it. The best of it was not good enough anymore. This was my block. I had more heart healing to do. I'm expanding my life force energy and love vibration so much that I now feel I have much more than work to do, I have living to do.

I had to reignite my passion for this journey, regardless of how hard this life can be. I keep basking in the flow of this frequency each morning and emitting a higher vibration each day. My higher vibration has a ripple effect and is impacting those around me, and will continue to do so. I'm very grateful to have made this discovery. I was hard on myself, I thought what else could you possibly do to heal? You've done everything, studied everything, the answer wasn't more knowledge. It was more love.

I embrace the part of me that was unfulfilled. I forgive myself for not having it all figured out. Each day I commit to gratitude and pointing out to myself what I am proud of myself for accomplishing. I hope that you reignite your Soul's purpose in 2023 and have a magical year.

Till we meet again,


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