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Infinite Possibilities

Updated: Jan 7

What is your greatest passion, and are you living it?

Greetings friends, what exciting energy we are experiencing this weekend. The Lion's Gate Portal, New Moon in Leo falls on 8/8 this year. A symbol of the infinite, and the universal fiery force of Leo courage and strength. Use the high frequency of this new moon to set things in motion.

As is typical of my posts, I share what themes have been occurring with clients in session as well as my own journey. I can tell you it was a raw, emotional and somewhat draining July. Lots of letting go and releasing the past. I welcome August in with gratitude.

People who have sought me out are getting unstuck, setting goals, and intention for their future. They are exploring what they are passionate about in order to manifest new joy in their lives. The lack of fulfillment many have been feeling is finally shifting. For those who harness the energy of this Leo season, change will be swift. What makes your heart sing? What lights you up? Do you have unexplored interests that you can turn into great hobbies? Could the hobby become a career path or sideline? For those whose relationships are in a period of flux, I bet you could meet like minded people while exploring these interests. What's stopping you?

I like to coach with shorter timelines, and fewer goals. It works out to be quarterly, similar to a school semester. I find that people are more successful taking smaller bites so to speak. I do know many prefer to set a lot of goals as a New Year's resolution, but when they don't meet all of those goals they feel they have failed and may give up. Some will roll the goals into the next year, and even the next year. Setting people up for success, and walking the talk myself is my best practice.

Using the August 8th start, and December 4th completion is my personal timeline. From the Lion's Gate Portal to the New Moon in Sagittarius, coinciding with a total solar eclipse. Yes, two fire signs for a reason! This is a very purposeful intention with a lot of momentum building. Do you know the catch phrase, "fire in the belly"? This is represented by the sun center, or solar plexus chakra. The color yellow, and a variety of crystals. Archangel Uriel supports this energy in our bodies and in our beliefs. A deeper understanding of the chakra system is the focus of an upcoming class I'm going to be teaching. Please don't hesitate to reach out for help in exploring your passions and setting your intentions. I would be thrilled to support, and inspire you while holding you accountable along the way. I look forward to launching "Workshop Wednesdays" this fall.

I will leave you with an inspiring synchronicity. This year the dates I chose are based on beneficial astrological timing. They happen to fall on the anniversary of my grandmother's passing. She died on 8/8 and she was born the week of 12/4. Nana Mary guides me, and is part of my soul team that helps in healing sessions. I'm so very grateful to have had her in my life, even for the short 20 years. She helped to raise me while my mother worked after my dad died. I learned so much from her, especially how to nurture and how to pray. I live in the vibration of gratitude for those who shaped my life. I'm also grateful for the return of some of my cousins into my life.

From all of your grandchildren, thank you Nana, we love you.

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