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Updated: Jan 7

"What would you do if you knew you could not fail?"

Good morning friends, and welcome August energy!

What a powerful shift we are experiencing. Last year at this time I wrote about the Lion's Gate portal. This year's cosmic dance is powerfully combined with the Leo new moon. New moons are a potent time for launching new projects, making wishes and manifesting. When we add this to the Lion's Gate energy you have a recipe for success. What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Anything you choose to launch now is sure to be boosted, you have through August 12, but please don't wait. The celestial doors are open, so manifest away. Do it NOW!

As always, I write about recurring themes that present themselves both personally and professionally. Most everyone I have encountered in the past two weeks has been burned out, triggered into trauma response, over caretaking, fearful and filled with worry. I know, that's a lot, right? Worry is our worst enemy. Fear is necessary when it is to warn you for survival purposes, beyond that when you slip into worry that is a different energy entirely. For example, when you are stressed it triggers your fat storage. Even if your diet is healthy, you may still block weight loss due to the fight or flight hormones being triggered. The same type of block can occur with manifesting, you simply cannot attract what you want or need when you are stressed, worried and exhausted.

In stress mode we review the past, and begin to imagine future outcomes. Our minds go to the worst case scenario, right? As an intuitive when I read for people, what I see and feel about the past is a lower frequency, this vibration is muddy so to speak. The future is clearer, brighter and full of possibilities. You have free will and the power to manifest. Every second things are changing. nothing is etched in stone, you have the power to recalibrate and head off onto a new path. Being too focused on the past or the future, is certainly when you miss what is right in front of you. You could miss a destined opportunity, a joyful new experience, a beautiful relationship, or a valuable lesson.

I know from experience that this mindset takes practice, you can certainly slip. If I slip into worry I am now able to snap back quickly. I owe this to daily reflection. If I wasn't constantly taking stock I would not be in touch with my own energy and be able to shift it right away. My spiritual path is stronger than ever and I am beyond grateful for this. I will not allow myself to be drained to the point of even slight burn out. I know where that leads. I no longer hold myself to a rigid timeline. I honor my body with rest and replenishment. I fill my own cup first!

We owe it to ourselves and those around us to be the healthy and strong. It will be contagious to those around us. It is the most impactful part of my day when I allow self-healing and meditation to be a priority. It is how I stay present and grounded so I can be the lighthouse in other people's storms. Do you have a daily practice that works for you? By working for you I mean, it is something you don't neglect. Recently some clients have let these practices slide and become distracted by demands on their time. Caregiving, work pressures and even vacations can interrupt your daily practice if you don't schedule it. I know many of you don't miss your morning coffee, so why not honor your practice during that time. If that doesn't work for you, perhaps it is during a midday meal break or before bed. While we are in this powerful phase why not manifest a new routine into being.

I recently began listening to 417 Hz frequency meditation music for manifesting change (easily found free on YouTube). It is a great way to support yourself, you can even play it while you sleep. It also heals the sacral chakra where our creativity lives. 417 is powerful at reversing negative energy while pumping positive frequency into our energy bodies for new beginnings to blossom. My new beginning is for my physical strength and weight loss. I just joined a boxing and strength training gym for women. Check out Quench for Women. I also joined a free 21-Day Meditation Challenge for weight loss.

What I need and what works for me may not work for you. Remember if you are drained you cannot attract the right energies to you. Manifesting your desired outcome will be much more difficult or impossible without clearing your body/mind/spirit, setting crystal clear intentions, focus and grounding. You can't skip these steps, like you cannot skip sleep to restore your energy.

Fill you own cup first by trying a small step. Attending a guided meditation, sound bath, healing session, or spend some time in nature. Search for an in person or virtual event near you. If you are on Cape Cod there are some great August events happening at Just Breathe Salt Spa.

If you are so blocked that you cannot get started, contact me, I specialize in helping you get "unstuck". Check out my workshops. Change is not as hard as you think it is, especially if you have support. You may need to allow an outside perspective to inspire your next steps, and hold you accountable to taking action. When I allowed my coaching mentor to hold up a mirror to my life, it was crystal clear what changes I needed to make. The next thing that happened was a leap of faith that I am so grateful for each day.

Destined opportunities are coming your way. No more waiting for the right timing to launch a project or make a change. Waiting till you save money, lose weight, pay off debts, are stagnant fear/worry energies. The perfect time is NOW! The energy we are getting from Leo & Lion's Gate portal is like a rocket boost. Be in the now and manifest the outcomes you deserve.

You can do this!

Till we meet again,


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