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No More Isolation!

Updated: Jan 7


How are you dear friends? Has the start to spring been good to you? I would like to share some thoughts on shaking up your routine, breaking out of isolation, opening back up to socialization, fellowship and networking. Safely…

Re-entry into the world to meet up with your friends and family is scary for some people. Think about all of those who have lost the routine of attending spiritual services. Not everyone, especially seniors, will have the capacity to virtually worship. Highly sensitive persons, empaths and the elderly are feeling this deeply. Trust is hard work. Fear has been a major factor in many people’s lives the past year. The anxiety over vaccinations, surges of virus in certain areas, and the feeling of being stuck is stopping many people from stepping out into the sun. For those who don’t have friends, helpful neighbors or family nearby it’s even more difficult to get out of the rut that has ensued.

Spring is here, fill up your lungs with as much fresh air as you can. We need Vitamin D to survive. If you are still not comfortable meeting up with friends, taking a walk in nature or picking up your favorite hobbies out in the world, then I hope you can at least enjoy the sunshine. Take your sun glasses off and start with 15 minutes in the morning or before sunset. Trust me, you will feel better. You will sleep better too. Try eliminating laptops, tablets, and your phone at least 2 hours before bedtime to ensure you get better sleep away from the blue light. Don't forget your essential oils.

In my own world I rarely see anyone other than my clients. My niece and her kids came to stay with me for an extended visit over the past couple of months, and that was certainly a shakeup in my routine. But, with love-it was one I really needed. The solitude is welcome when its my choice, and I use it to do my spiritual work. But isolation is a very different thing. I was stuck in a rut and getting dangerously close to old patterns of over working to avoid what I don't want to deal with. I took my own advice, I scheduled extra self-care and a mandatory day off to do more than just my checklist.

I did several other things to get back on track. I tried a new form of meditation, not my usual practice. I began a cleanse/detox and dropped a few pounds. I purchased an app on my phone, much like a habit tracker. My focus has been on low sugar/carbs and no processed foods of any kind. Did you know I used to weigh 270 pounds? Weight has been a struggle my whole life, and this year was one of the toughest to keep on a structured plan.

Over the years I lost 120 pounds through bariatric surgery, and for several years I kept it all off. Gradually over time my body found its way to a weight that held. During the isolation of the past year it ballooned. I really want to feel more comfortable in my clothes without pressuring myself with a specific weight goal. In addition to mindful eating, I’m incorporating time on my stationery bike which is in my home office staring at me from my desk view. Making the time for outdoor walks is high on my agenda. I'm outside quite a bit with my dog for her runs in the yard. But that's her calorie burn!

To combat the social isolation I began reaching out to local friends who have similar interests, and small businesses to network with. I’ve invited people to my new office space, or to meet at the beach. Opening a new office for my practice without a grand opening event, or small open house has made it feel anticlimactic. I am turning this around each time I use the space for coaching or healing it just feels more like home.

This is the exciting part, one of the friends networking with me at my office is a personal trainer and nutritionist. How awesome is that! Timing is everything. I asked her if she would like to participate in a drawing where I raffle off one of her sessions to my regular clients. It became 4 sessions over a period of a month to the lucky winner. I believe in giving back, with gratitude. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for. I’m blessed. This is one way to really say, I appreciate you all.

I have many more ideas about shaking up your routine, so reach out if I can help you. Be good to yourself and start the momentum. Till we meet again.

Bright blessings,


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