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November Rain

Updated: May 27, 2022


Greetings friends, I sincerely hope this post finds you staying safe and living healthy lives. I find myself in the most positive vibration "a November" of my life has ever been. November is my birth month, full of very sad memories of previous events. It's always been a dark journey of a month for me each year, except this one. The astrological transits, unseasonably balmy weather, led to cleansing rain and yet another healing of the past. You know the saying, "you have to feel it to heal it", right? I feel even better equipped to guide my clients through life transitions after going through this one.

I'm fifty one today. I learned patience this year, very difficult indeed. I have been in a deep healing and learning phase since my last blog post. So much swift change. When the Universe has other ideas for you, when you think you are ready to move in a certain direction, the obstacles ahead are necessary to redirect your path. It often leads to an ever better outcome. Why can't we accept that right away? It takes weeks, months or years sometimes to SURRENDER.

I have focused my attention on creating a comfortable new home for myself. This is something I was truly worthy of and desired for a long time. I dove into a hypnosis certification course after learning self-hypnosis to work on past traumatic event clearing. Tomorrow is the final session in a profound energy medicine class that I have been a part of for nearly a year. Apparently all of the deep healing work I have been doing was in preparation to have the first peaceful November of my life. It is so gratifying to be in this place, it's like an accelerated journey to heal those lingering issues that ran so deeply.

If you know me personally, you know I don’t do anything halfway. I like to be the driver. I'm a very all or nothing Scorpio with a fierce independent streak. Accepting support, and self-monitoring is a key element to success. Checking in with your body and your emotions in order to constantly right yourself is like navigating a storm that keeps shifting direction. I would love to share my new tools and techniques with you soon. I wish you a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving season.

Till we meet again. Bright blessings,


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