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Patience Pays Off

"Patience is power. Patience is not an absence of action; rather it is "timing" it waits on the right time to act, for the right principles and in the right way." -Fulton J. Sheehan

July greetings dear friends. I hope you are celebrating your freedom and thriving this summer. We are at the second half of our year, and I'm so glad the first half is behind me. It's a fresh start for me. A new chapter is ready to unfold. Things are coming into alignment, and the test of my patience paid off. As we check in with our goals, where we have been and where we are hoping to head, do you find yourself looking back or forward? I feel its a time of recalibrating and positioning ourselves for a better flow to the second half of 2023. If I reflect on the past it is with more compassion and a letting go. We can review what worked up till now, what did not, and where we need to make adjustments. For me, it has been a year of practicing patience, listening to my intuition and following those gut instincts. I definitely feel more grounded. I'm grateful for the patience I was able to muster. If I had made hasty decisions I could have created much more turmoil.

Today's Full Buck Moon, July 3, 2023, is the strongest of four super moons this summer. A super moon is when the moon is closer than normal. Today it will be 14,000 miles closer to the earth. We are still in the Solstice Gateway and this brings heightened energy. The Buck Moon get's it nickname because of its timing to the male deer shedding its antlers, growing new ones and preparing for mating season. What are you shedding? Old patterns, habits, beliefs, stressors, pounds, and sometimes relationships are all best shed for our own well-being. Quite a lot has changed in my life and I continue to grow and develop toward my higher calling. I know for sure that we all have multiple callings, and they go through a season of our lives. We can leave one behind and begin a new path with new people and places that call to us. This is a powerful time to check in with your higher self and reset your intentions for the remaining half of the year.

This summer I hope you will practice patience with yourself, those around you, and even your path. If you feel it is out of alignment with your true calling, you have the power to change it. Coaching and energy healing have helped me, as I help others with these same struggles. I always know when a new person enters my life if they will bring great lessons for both of us. I honor those relationships, they have helped me grow tremendously. Patience was never something I would call a strength of mine. In fact it was something I was told I needed to work on, time and time again. It is such a difficult part of our journey, to be patient, let things flow to you and not look back or ruminate on the past pieces that did not align. I will say its one of the larger lessons of a lifetime for me, right up there with faith and forgiveness. Surrendering control and having patience is worth the hard work.

I'm considering another move, this would be #11. I'm giving things some time, and in 2024 I will decide where I want I want to be. For now, I will enjoy my time here in Yarmouth and explore the future possibilities. I look forward to hearing from you if you need some help with your goals, manifesting your desires or figuring out your next move. Brightest blessings for a happy 4th of July, and the very best summer has to offer you.

Till we meet again,


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