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Realign Your Energy

Updated: Jan 7

"Your job is to fill your own cup, so it overflows. Then you can serve others,

joyfully, from your saucer." -Lisa Nichols

Late summer greetings dear friends. I hope this post finds you in the very best physical and mental health. Since my August post I have taken extra actions to fill my own cup. I needed to get out of my head and into my body and audit what was being depleted in my energy field. I keep up with routine self-care, but I cannot say my cup was overflowing. I recognized signs of burn out, so I immediately altered my routine. The most impactful action I took was a six week strength training boot camp. I needed to become strong around weak injured parts of my body. My body cooperated and responded with a gradual increase in stamina and strength. This empowerment has boosted my energy, decreased my pain and made me hopeful for the future. That's a healthy increase in quality of life. Isn't that what we all deserve? I'm so grateful for the support I found at Quench Training for Women. Thank you ladies.

This strength I gained has helped my mental state as well. It is very easy to become drained. No matter what industry you work in, or if your work is at home as a parent or caregiver, you can burn out if you aren't tuned into your needs. I have to be very self-aware and recognize when I need a break. I don't tend to be called upon for my services when people are thriving, I'm often the lighthouse in their storm. I do however serve some very proactive people who want to get ahead of their stress. I call those visits a "tune up". These women and men are in a healthy routine and tuned into their own needs. I'm glad to have a much fuller cup right now, it will benefit those I serve without depleting my own energy.

Will you tune into your own body and mind and perform an energy audit? This is where we see what needs shifting. Do you have any physical discomfort? Are you sleeping well? Are you anxious? What's working in your life and what is not? What seems out of balance in the areas of your life? Where is your stress coming from? You can strategize what to take on first to uplift your energy and come back into alignment. My physical audit pointed out the pain around my injuries, and pain can bring you down. My mental audit showed a lack of passionate, creative energy that usually flows through me. My new audit is this week, right at the end of the six week cycle. I feel better and highly motivated-but...I have a very busy fall ahead and no recreation planned. I'm teaching several classes and also taking classes. Even though this is where I thrive, I know myself so well that I decided to schedule a variety of supports so I can keep my balance. I've set up the next six weeks for success. I feel better already just knowing I have a plan, and its in writing. Use whatever works for you, your digital or paper calendar work fine, or create something on your frig or bulletin board.

I think six week intervals are manageable. Any longer timeframe to plan ahead for can be overwhelming. For example a cleanse or detox diet is typically 21-28 days. Our mindset needs a good four to six weeks to make a behavior a new habit, (hopefully a healthy habit). I made the commitment to myself that every six week cycle I will reflect, review, refresh and recalibrate. These are perfect practices to take on during planetary retrogrades, like the one's upon us now. It's empowering to be proactive and not reactive. Will you commit to scheduling self-care or support breaks into your calendar so you can get ahead of any stress?

Look at what you have coming up this fall. Major projects or events that may induce some stress can be planned around so you are in the best mindset. Schedule time for yourself prior to and after the deadlines in your calendar. If it's not scheduled you are not likely to fit it in. Have a friend or partner hold you accountable. Even though I'm a coach, I also have a coach for this exact purpose. Contact me if you need help with your audit or planning your next six weeks. I'm starting small group coaching programs for six magical weeks at a stretch.

Filling your own cup can be as simple as a beach walk, meditation, workout, healthy meal prep, journaling, therapy sessions, energy healing, or time enjoying friends you haven't seen in a while. It's not just about spa days, but if you have the budget for them, go for it! Here's to a healthy, successful, pleasure filled autumn season.

Till we meet again,


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