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Updated: Jan 7

Accept, adjust and move forward in the flow...

Nearly spring greetings dear friends. How are you enjoying these milder temperatures? I hope this new post finds you healthy, happy and practicing self-care. As you know, I typically write about a recurring theme that presents itself during recent client sessions or workshops I facilitate. This month is no different. I have met some extraordinary people and am consistently humbled and honored to be a part of their healing journey.

I recently facilitated a workshop about self-healing techniques for stress management. I demonstrated some helpful tools with the participants and had them join in to experience the calming effects of breath work, tapping and other techniques. The results are nearly immediate!

In conversation I found that a couple of my clients were going through massive change at home and work that derailed their daily practice we had worked very hard to establish. You have to get right back on that horse, and they will.

What I have noticed in these recent encounters is a lack of self-compassion. Dealing with the unexpected is hard, absolutely it is. People are so self-critical though. I spent some time validating and celebrating their resilience. "You must acknowledge how strong and powerful you truly are", I said this with deep understanding because I've been there too. You can and you will accept and adjust to sudden change. Move forward and be in the flow, don't struggle against the new circumstances. Navigating the unforeseen gets you closer to mastering your fate. You are not a passive participant in life, you are using your coping skills and doing the very best you can. We all need support sometimes, and when something rattles you talk it through with someone. Then go back to basics. Clearing your energy, getting grounded, and ramping up your self-care.

We all have to make adjustments to successfully navigate life. 2022 is no different than any other year when we have had to overcome our worries or challenges. I think the biggest takeaway is remain flexible and coachable. If you can make even small adjustments in your way of doing things in order to allow for the change you are dealing with, perhaps you will not be as triggered. Be gentle with yourself. Remaining coachable is also key. Embrace the change, you may find you are even happier with the new way. You could end up less stressed and open to new opportunities. Boldly show your resilience and have it result in the expansion of all areas of your life.

Some of you may know I have had a long career in geriatrics. For the past five years I have been a consultant assisting families with care options for their loved ones in need of assisted living and nursing homes. I'm very proud to be a part of the team at 2Sisters Senior Living Advisors

We recently launched a podcast "Surviving the Sandwich Generation". If you are a caregiver, regardless of whether or not you are raising children and caring for aging parents at the same time, this podcast could be a great resource for you.

I hope this brief post resonates with you. I'm developing a new workshop for empaths, highly sensitive people and caregivers. It's all about establishing healthy boundaries, you know who you are... My workshop page lists all upcoming events, I hope you will join me. Till we meet again.

Bright blessings, -K

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