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Restoring Balance

Updated: Jan 7

“One thing I like about stones in my path is when I cross them they become my milestones.”


July greetings old friends and welcome new friends. I do hope you are able to focus your energy on uplifting practices and not allow upheaval and outrage to block your flow. Rising above the stones in our path leads to the milestones of our lives and the lives of all humanity. When a stone is in our path, or in many cases a gigantic boulder, we cannot move past it at its level. We have to be above it to progress on our path. Give yourself some time to detach from the triggered emotions and see a future that is shifted. Women will rise up and band together for change. Balance will be restored. I have faith that the changes we deserve are coming. It's darkest before dawn, right?

In this Now, we must restore ourselves and take wonderful care to maintain our well-being. Do not allow yourself to feel your power is compromised. Dig deeper and connect with your higher self, your soul. You rising above the upset has a ripple effect and the frequency will be sent out in a positive wave. For anyone who is struggling with recent stressors of any kind, please reach out. There are so many professional resources out there to connect with. Lightworkers have been stationed here at this time for this very purpose. This feeling is temporary, but if it is not something that resolves for you please seek professional help for symptoms like anxiety, depression or trauma responses. Don't wait, the longer you remain in that frequency the more of it you will attract.

We must recognize and celebrate the milestones in our journey. For me every bump in the road, every twist and turn led me to the next challenge. Ultimately I achieved the peace and calm. I focus on the lessons each obstacle has taught me. Reframing past experiences and focusing on what positive things came out of these experiences takes practice, especially with the very painful ones. Acknowledging weaknesses that became strengths is very empowering. It's another way to take stock and uplift your energy. If you cannot be your own cheerleader right now perhaps you need someone to hold up a mirror and show you how amazing you truly are. Seek that support from your circle or professionals like coaches and spiritual advisors.

I have been reconnecting with women from my past, I'd like to thank each and every one of them for showing up. I'm interviewing some of these exceptional women for my book. What they each have in common is their unwavering support and positive impact during a difficult time on my path. Revisiting the past with these women has shifted something for all of us. No matter how much time has passed, when we spoke or met in person we picked right up where we left off. What an amazing vibration to be in, its contagious. This is what I mean about the ripple effect. I am honored to bring them support and healing. I didn't know they were in need until that fateful outreach connected us again. What a blessing divine timing is.

In my interviews I have asked what the instinct was behind their support during my dark times. It wasn't maternal, no, it was sisterhood. Blend that sister bond with unconditional love and you have the strength to overcome any stones in your path. I look back on each season of my life they have shared with me and see the lessons life has taught. I never had a sister but I have been blessed to have many strong female friends. Over time a few of these women passed away by accident and illness. I know they continue to have my back. There was a time in my life that the losses stacked up so high I couldn't manage any new upheaval or stress because the grief weakened my will. If we focus on the past hurt, we continue to suffer. When we focus on the lessons, we grow from them. It took some time of course but eventually I moved beyond the vibration of worry and fear. I practiced taking leaps of faith and trusted that all would be well, and it was. Surrendering to what you cannot control and trusting that the outcome will be for your highest and best is so hard for us. If I could make this shift so can you.

As I craft my newest advanced workshop "Balancing Your Chakras", I am reminded that there are a lot of women out there like me, who didn't have a strong family support system. Remember you must build your circle of friends, and professional resources, it is critical to your success. I've also been working on a new class to help people manage their nervous system at work. These are inspired by recent themes among my clients. They come in clusters of three or more people during intervals that last four to six weeks. It always results in beautiful breakthroughs. Integrating mind, body and spirit repeatedly showed up as the remedy for these men and women. Their energies have been scattered in need of smoothing out. I've been finding people in a long distance relationship with their bodies.

Living in your head, obsessive thoughts, inability to relate well to others, all point to out of balance chakras, poor meridian flow, and weakness in the aura. It's not hard to work on correcting this imbalance, but you have to be aware of the signs. I teach people how to self-audit and refer them to any other modalities that will help quickly rebalance them. Calming our central nervous system can help restore the balance swiftly. There are so many ways, but please start with time in nature. It is the fastest way to ground yourself. A walk in nature (alone) will help the shift. No other ego present by your side, no talking, just soaking in the sights-sounds-and earth.

Please reach out if you need resources to support your well-being. You can transform your fears into faith, and weaknesses into strengths.

Till we meet again,


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