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Season of Change

Updated: Jan 7


Hello dear friends, how are you doing during these seasonal shifting energies? I love to watch nature make its change. This season I'm paying close attention to the internal changes in myself and those around me. There's so much happening in the cosmos, we all may feel a little untethered. Do you have a daily practice to help you feel more balanced? Is it spiritual? Is it based in routine, exercise perhaps?

I remember a day twenty years ago where my body, mind and spirit was so beat up by toxic overload. It began with a car accident. I was not at fault, and it wouldn't be my last accident. The universe jumped in to say, "Whoa"! "Do something about this"! I was taken to the hospital on a backboard with a collar on, the car was totaled and so was my knee. I was lucky the other injuries were healed quickly but not the knee. All these years later I still have a lot of trouble with my knee and I use acupuncture, Reiki, CBD salve and my BioMat to manage the chronic inflammation and pain. It's been feeling great the past several months then out of nowhere, I fell on it. A morning jolt out of bed to tend to my dog who was reacting to something outside. I tripped on her bed and down I went right onto the knee. It's not as critical as a car accident, and not as insignificant as a stubbed toe, but it reflects a lack of centered-grounded balance.

In years past I was out of balance in a major way and needed a wake up call to action. I would love to say this changed everything, but no, I'm stubborn and it takes a lot more than a car accident to change my patterns. It took a many more years of professional and caregiver burnout to set me straight. I finally chose myself over others and stopped workaholic patterns. Hard, but achievable.

When I look back at the times in my life where a car accident occurred, each period was a toxic overload in my life. Multiple jobs, my own business, and caregiving for an elderly loved one. After reading this you may say, "I'm never driving with her"! It's ok, my toxic overload days are over, but it doesn't mean I can't have a bad morning that needs immediate shifting. The consequences are icing, and more acupuncture. That's much more manageable than a year of physical therapy and a totaled car.

My biggest past issue was keeping healthy boundaries and sponging up other people's stress as I am and always have been an empath. I really thought I had to do it all and be everything to everyone. Through much self-taught skill, countless books and a mentor or two, I have finally mastered the art of saying no. The benefit is finally a work-life balance. I wish learning this lesson didn't take decades. Regardless, it brought me to where I am now, and I wouldn't trade that for the world. Coaching people on how to also achieve this state of balance is the theme of recent workshops and client sessions which is why I'm writing about it again.

I'm thrilled to be able to pass along the tips and tools I have been so lucky to learn. My fall workshops focus on mastering personal energy hygiene, a deeper understanding of the chakras, establishing a daily practice, and manifesting your desires. When you practice routine maintenance of clearing, intent, focus and grounding, there are far fewer days, or hours that you succumb to stress, bad moods, mishaps and even injury. Your environmental energy, as well as mental atmosphere needs this routine maintenance, especially if you share your home or office with others.

I highly recommend a morning practice to start off your day with focused intention. If you are a highly sensitive person, or empath the need for an evening routine is obvious. Cleansing off the absorbed energy of the day with a salt shower or salt bath can be a fast easy way to feel more calm and relax into your dinner hour. Better digestion and sleep are easier to achieve when you shift that energy upon arriving home, clearing and grounding again like you did in the morning. There are many ways to clear your energy, this is just one.

A salt bath is easy. Add salt to hot water, maybe an essential oil and there you have it. But a salt shower is something for those who don't have a tub or just prefer to shower. Put your favorite salt crystals in a cloth pouch that the water can run through, add herbs or oils if you like, tie it to the shower head. Or...easier to manage, use a salt scrub on your scalp and body to achieve the clearing. Ok, if you really cannot do this then at least do a salt foot bath. You can be listening to an inspirational pod cast, meditative music, crystal bowl recording, or anything from your playlist. Its a fast easy way to reset, restore and relax. In a Mercury retrograde period like the one we are in now, "re" words are the best practice. It's not the greatest time to tackle something brand new, but you will have great energetic support for revisiting past plans and goals. Mastering this time of reflection during a retrograde can be done. We just need to have patience if communication stalls or is misinterpreted. Have patience with sluggish technology and your devices.

It took me many years to create a daily practice that comes so easily I would never miss it. Many years ago I would play catch up when the buildup of negative energy was at the point of overwhelm. This is such a poor strategy. I'm so grateful that I have been able to make the time each day to honor myself with my practice so my whole self benefits, as well as those around me.

Thankfully now my morning and evening practices are so effective I find I only have bad moments, and not bad days. I love to teach what I needed to learn most. It comes very naturally to me now. I've had many influencers along the way. I honor them by passing on the tools to my clients and students.

My students have jumped right into their new daily practices, a.m./p.m. and seeing results quickly. It makes me so happy to empower others in this way. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you would like a one to one session to establish your daily practice, or check my workshops tab for upcoming events. You can also find workshops on my Facebook page. If you're close to the Cape I highly recommend Dr. Pia Mezzacappa for acupuncture, she's a Godsend. I also suggest clearing your energy and boosting your immune system during this season of change at the Just Breathe Salt Spa. It has been almost one year since I began offering Reiki in the salt caves. What a journey of change and growth. I'm so grateful for Syd Milliken the owner, and all of the many clients that have opened themselves to the healing.

Thank you to all of my class participants and partners in healing. Have a wonderful Autumn season.

Bright blessings,


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