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Shifting to Shorter Days

Updated: Jan 7


Hello friends, I hope you are cozy in your nest as you read this post. How do you feel when the shift to shorter days happens? Are you effected emotionally when we experience less daylight? Do your sleep patterns change? I'm going to share some tips for balancing your energy as we make the shift on November 7th.

We have just come through our first major storm of the season here on Cape Cod. Many are still without power, and businesses are closed. Personally, I had some property damage but I am grateful that my power has been restored.

There have been a lot of twists and turns in my life lately. Again and again I am reminded to be in a state of gratitude as I begin and end each day. Each morning I ask to be graced with patience and loving kindness. I store up my energy on slow days. Something always presents itself to be a challenge, and I need that reserve of strength to get through those days.

What are you grateful for this season? As we approach Thanksgiving it's time to take stock of what we appreciate in our lives, and thank those who are helping us along our path. I clean out closets and cabinets to donate clothes and food. I make modest donations to the Salvation Army. I make gifts for friends and neighbors who have been a source of support.

I am looking forward to a new writing circle I will be attending, and am grateful for the facilitator. Tapping our creative energies as we head into the darker season is so important. One of the ways I get through the shift to shorter days, is with evening creative time. Normally I spend a lot of time outdoors until sun set, or even a little later. This time of year I love to bake, paint, draw, write and offer more evening classes.

Luckily I am not negatively effected by the shift to shorter days. I find myself a creature of cold weather. I think I adjust well because I was born at Thanksgiving. Again, I'm grateful. But many of my friends and clients are negatively impacted by the shorter days. Here are some ways you can work through this transition and keep your energy balanced.

When we change the clocks try to keep your sleep schedule consistent, don't stay up later even though you may feel like it. Morning routines and exercise can be so challenging when its still dark out. Create some time midday if you can, to expose yourself to the daylight and fresh air.

For anyone who struggles with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), depression, or even minor mood changes, consider a light therapy box. Models range from $30-$300. These lamps can help people with low serotonin levels or even those with insomnia. Of course I'm going to mention a trip to the salt cave or salt booth because it absolutely boosts your energy, calms your nervous system and helps you sleep. Don't forget your vitamin supplements!

Please get in touch if I you're interested in attending any of my fall/winter classes. "Manifesting Your Desires In 2022" & "Stress Survival Tools For The Holiday Season" are just two of the options that will be great fun.

I'm offering NEW VIP Memberships for people interested in coaching, healing sessions, and classes. Break down the cost monthly and gain some perks along the way. Everyone loves a look ahead to the new year with an intuitive reading. Gift cards are also available for the holidays, or any day.

Feel free to contact me anytime. Stay safe and well dear friends, till we meet again.

Bright blessings,


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