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Solstice Blessings

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Greetings friends, I wish I could see more of you face to face and hug you hello. For now; I send you this blessing for Winter Solstice 2020. May the longest night help you reflect on the past year and renew your spirit with wishes for the new one to come.

I have been blessed with numerous opportunities to share the gift of energy healing recently. After a long break, the shift brought me to a beautiful place to practice healing close to home. My Facebook pages are filled with posts about the Just Breathe Salt Spa, and the benefits of Halotherapy. What is so amazing is the combination of energy healing during the salt session. It has offered clients an accelerated healing experience of the body, mind and spirit.

Performing Reiki, and other healing techniques while the client lays on my infrared crystal BioMat, in a zero gravity chair has had a significant impact on both myself and the client. They wear headphones with healing vibrational, tonal music and are blanketed under the softest fleece. It is a cocoon of peace and serenity. If you have never tried a salt spa, salt cave, or cabin seek one out nearest you.

My personal journey of healing has also been helped along by the salt therapy. A couple of years ago when Just Breath opened I was getting over pneumonia and was guided there seemingly by accident, but I know it was divine intervention. I cleared that lingering infection, restored my breathing and my chest pain. My usual high energy was slow to return, but with time I was back to myself again.

My entire life has been one respiratory complication after another. When I was two years old I had pneumonia and was in the hospital under a plastic tented apparatus. Trauma...

Till two years ago I had chronic bronchitis and asthma exacerbated by any cold or virus that came along. My immune system was very weak and I carried a lot of stress through work and home life. I feel Halotherapy was the catalyst to wellness for me. I have not been sick since I added this therapy to my self care routine. Many people with COPD and other ailments are being restored to comfort, why not try it or share it with someone who is suffering. You don't have to be ill to benefit from the immune system boost, better sleep and overall cleansing of the lungs is worth the visit.

I'm going into another winter, cold & flu season with the added complexity of COVID-19 knowing I am stronger and safer. This brings peace of mind, but still caution when in public. Be smart, stay safe and well dear friends. Whichever holiday you may celebrate, I wish you comfort and joy. Till we meet again.

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