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Updated: Jan 7


May greetings dear friends, I hope this post finds you enjoying a peaceful spring. To all the nurturers out there, I hope you had a happy Mother's Day. In that honor I include all the non-biological mothers, and those who guide and support their loved ones through life. You are doing soul work. I've recently encountered so many people at cross roads in their lives. They want to make significant changes in careers, relationships, and belief systems in order to follow their soul's path. I'm doing my best to help them take steps in their journey. Personally, I continue to nurture myself and truly feel grateful I'm doing the work of my soul's path. I'd love to share a bit of the journey that got me here. What a ride!

Today is my father's birthday, he would have been 99. Joseph Callahan, (Joe) died in 1973. I was only a toddler; highly sensitive, observant, tuned in beyond my years. My dad died after I was hospitalized with pneumonia. I'm told he never left the hospital. I was in an oxygenated plastic tented crib as I stabilized from this brush with death. I still have the porcelain vase in the figure of a girl holding a doll that he brought me flowers in. I cannot remember anything around this time, just the stories I've been told. What I do remember is the day of my dad's funeral. Its a brief memory of sitting on the sofa with my aunt Joan watching TV while everyone else was at the cemetery. Days or weeks later I have one of my first true longer memories. My mother came home with a puppy named Heidi to distract me from constantly asking, "where's my daddy".

I recently realized that I had never really processed his passing. I was only a baby after all, how does a baby grieve? I'm sure as a result I have behavior patterns that formed from missing his presence. But processing the loss is entirely different, and never addressed in the way that I did other losses I experienced later in childhood and adulthood.

In recent weeks I was forced to really dig deep into that loss. I recognized a block I had, then the aha moment came. This block was because I never did the work, I pushed this loss far away. So I went into meditation and received such beautiful greetings from the dad's of my life. My biological father, my step father and my godfather/uncle. Each of them made their presence known to help me heal the original, and first loss of my life.

Although my dad's spirit has always been around me, his presence was more prominent during some sessions with clients over the weeks leading up to this day. Numerous people in the span of a week all had lost their father's at some point in the past. They felt a new surrendering, it was different than other sessions we had done together. Masculine energy filled the room, I used some new techniques on each of the clients, including acupressure. We released blocked energy and felt an intensity different from other times. The feedback was positive, but they felt it was totally different and couldn't put their fingers on it. Stronger energy exchanges with a protective feeling, and yes, father like.

Normally people comment on how maternal I feel to them. This time they felt like a totally different healer was working on them. I always get the amazed feedback that they feel multiple presence in the room, and that when I leave their head and move to their feet for example, they still feel hands at the head. This is not uncommon for highly sensitive people to experience in any healing session. I have no doubt that these sessions are being supported by spiritual energies. Although I don't believe there are gender specific energies in the other realms, I do believe they show you what you will perceive to be masculine or feminine in order to recognize their presence. I've learned to expect the unexpected. This was a new one for sure!

When I offer intuitive feedback at the end of a session it is truly from a place I cannot describe. I get asked a lot, "How did you know that"? Clients are amazed I pick up on physical symptoms in their bodies that they have not shared with me. My medical intuition and spiritual guidance has been with me since childhood. It is common that people have a traumatic event that can cause an activation of sorts that elevates the senses. I had been studying for years with a variety of teachers, but that level of heightened sensitivity had not yet fully formed. That activation came when I flat lined during a surgery in 2012, and had a near death experience, (NDE). I truly feel the brush with death as a toddler awakened me, but the near death experience later in life was a breakthrough.

If you are not familiar with these occurrences that 5% of the worlds population has reported I encourage you to poke around a bit. The research studies, science and countless books date back to the 1960's, and were first publicized in the 70's. People who have died and been resuscitated are not the only one's to report these experiences. Sometimes a serious illness, brush with death or massive shock can be the catalyst.

Many people have had out of body experiences, (OBE). This can occur during something as innocent as a dream or meditation, it can also happen during a shock or accident. It can be intentional or happen spontaneously. This is different, no brush with death or actual stopping of the heart has occurred. Nonetheless it can be life changing. Both NDE's and OBE's can prompt personality changes, changes in belief systems, or even enhanced senses. In my case, all of the above. How fascinating that my biggest life lesson was to love myself the way I am, and the surgery that led to my NDE was bariatric/weight loss surgery. I no longer saw life the same way, and I certainly had no fear of death. Death was now just a transformation from body into spirit, with continued consciousness beyond what words can describe.

All of the details of my NDE could fill a book. What I will report is that the light should be blinding but you don't squint. It has a sound to it that cannot be compared to anything we know. I have never felt so safe, peaceful and content. I was above my body looking down at it on the operating table when my father and husband were suddenly there beside me. No one's lips moved, but the message was the same. "You have to go back, you have work to do, It's not your time." I protested, I wanted to stay with them in the light and never leave them. But I was whooshed back into my body and they were gone, but never far from my side.

Clearly there's so much more that happened in the aftermath, especially in the recovery room. Maybe another time I will share that.

After that day I was embraced by the Spiritualist Church. I found comfort there and validation. My new feelings about being stuck here, and wanting to go home were and still are a constant issue. From my perspective life (consciousness) after death truly does exist. Through my spiritual studies with the church I learned hands on healing and developed my mediumship abilities. Later I added Reiki, sound therapy and other modalities. Today everything is a blend of what I have learned, and some things pop up that I have no idea what technique it is, there's no name for it. Its coming through from pure spiritual guidance. I don't question it now, I just say thank you.

Happy birthday dad,


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