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At Home, 30 Days Later

Updated: Jan 7

Greetings friends. I hope this post finds you safe, healthy and doing your best to stay balanced (body, mind & spirit). It’s been 30 days since I wrote the first blog post, “How are you coping in the face of uncertainty?”

Many people thought there would be a quick passing of sheltered time, closed businesses and quarantine periods. Now, here we are a month later. So many are sick, dying or have died without funerals. Parents are home schooling, working from home, and in many cases caring for their older parents. I see this daily. There is so much tension, fear of the unknown and challenges to overcome.

What’s been working for you, or not working? I feel personally, I hit a plateau a couple of weeks ago where a peaceful calm settled in, acceptance and surrender. I have been able to recognize when I am feeling compassion fatigue symptoms, keep my boundaries, take breaks when needed and recharge my energy. I feel better physically now then I have in years. I have analyzed the many reasons why this could be happening during the craziest of times.

Number one, I’m not around people. I’m not absorbing toxic energy from others illnesses or negative emotions, and as an empath, that used to be a daily occurrence. I’m using my clearing, grounding and balancing techniques twice or more per day. I’m checking in with my body more often, compensating when necessary. I’m eating healthy. I’m never missing my daily supplements, the combination of which I feel has greatly helped my inflammation which causes so much of the pain I was in. Most importantly, I’m shutting off triggers that I know to negatively impact me. Those are different for everyone, you have to really know your triggers to shield yourself from them.

I’m doing creative projects to keep me from overworking. I get out into nature multiple times per day, and am only speaking to friends and family that are positive influencers. So, the correlation to feeling better; taking my own advice, really holding my personal and professional boundaries has paid off in a silver lining of pain reduction and healthy gut.

I’m very grateful for the tools I have learned over the years. I’m also so grateful for my education and abilities. I did a couple of free intuitive phone readings and a virtual distance Reiki session, these made my heart burst with joy. To be able to help people is my passion. In my job in geriatrics I’m not able to help everyone right now, our hands are tied by some of the consequences of the new world with COVID-19. So when I was able to impact others in such a positive way it really helped bolster my energy to continue on with supporting people through challenging times. I hope to start a new volunteer opportunity in a few weeks’ time, while definitely checking in with myself and making sure I don’t overdo it.

I’m still deeply saddened that there are people I cannot visit, kiss and hold. It’s not safe to visit my niece and her children, I have to abide by that and they have to limit their exposure. The reunion will be sweet. My Mother’s home sale is closing soon, the new buyers will be moving in May. I pray daily that all of this transition goes smoothly for everyone’s highest and best outcome.

I pushed for the completion of all the work on the house with a seemingly irrational demanding vibe. I knew there was no time to be wasted, the listing had to be fast tracked, and thank God it was. I’m so grateful they were able to consider this purchase in the midst of a pandemic. Just a few days later and none of it may have even been possible. Spiritual guidance. Unseen support. It’s all around us. Do you feel it? I’d love to hear your stories and share some of the Angelic interventions that have been happening all around us.

Till we meet again, be safe and well dear friends.

Bright blessings,


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