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Rebirthing into BALANCE

Updated: Jan 7

"We will all fall out of alignment at some point. Re-establishing your beliefs, boundaries and behaviors will lead to getting your power back and sustaining balance." -K

May greetings friends,

I hope you are exploring peaceful pursuits and finding harmony in your lives. For those of you on the rollercoaster of life, well, that's been my ride for the past several months too. I have gone through yet another rebirth that has led to a relaunch. I have some tips to share along with exciting news. After more than two decades of serving seniors in a variety of capacities, I had an unexpected break that lasted the past six months. In spite of my separation from the industry, people in need of support continued to find me. I realized after some resistance, that this part of my calling cannot be ignored. I am so very proud to serve seniors in transition as well as their caregivers. It truly is like coming home.

My coaching practice now embraces the special support needed when an older adult is in crisis, received a life changing diagnosis or is in any kind of transition. In my twenty four years of senior related healthcare experience, one common theme continues to be most prevelent. Proper planning leads to peace of mind. If planning is not in place I can certainly help. My expertise in needs assessment will match the person's unique needs with the right care options. It all comes together in a sustainable long term plan. Client's I have worked with over the years and recent past months feel a great sense of empowerment when coached through their options and much better prepared to make sound choices.

I have learned so much about balance over the years. If I over extend myself, I have learned to course correct with an unapologetic NO. I hold my boundaries, and as a result, everyone wins. I have not always been able to achieve this balance, or sustain it. It took a severe case of burnout in 2019 to force necessary changes. A rebirthing had to take place in order to achieve and sustain much needed stability in my life. I have some profoundly impactful ingredients in my balance recipe. There's no burnout here. There's no pushing, striving and forcing here. I strongly believe that the experience of serving younger women and men during Covid, helped me to make necessary shifts. It all began with being a doula (birth partner) to my niece and her two beautiful babies, now six and three years old. Supporting Shannon and being present throughout each pregnancy, and birth experiences of Sofia & James changed me in ways I never saw coming.

For so many years I was present at the end of life for my family and those I served professionally. I specialized in crisis management, dementia care and grief support. Being brought into the experience of new life, and early stages of developent with children was a complete game changer for me. Perhaps I needed a renewed hope and appreciation for other stages of life. My mother was nearly forty when I was born to her in 1969. Most of my family members were already seniors when I came along. It was no surprise that I ended up in senior related healthcare after being a caregiver for my grandmother and aunt. Every part of this journey has been the education of a lifetime. I wouldn't change a minute of it.

During the pandemic I opened my office and focused on coaching and energy healing. Serving all ages opened me up to a whole new collective of people in need of support. More pregnant women found me, and many male clients as well. What a blessing to have been a part of so many healing journey's during such a profound time in our history. I feel it helped me add a demention to my coaching style. So many people were in transition, career changes, divorces, physical health and mental health challenges. I had to adapt and support a wide variety of life stages, where in the past it was always latter stages or end of life.

My personal recipe for balance began with maintaining a routine. It would have been easy to let fear take over and get lost without the structure of my other work. I simply wasn't going to allow it. I supplemented my body with pure CBD products to restore and re-balance my system. I found the right combination of self-care and supplements to take my power back. I was astounded when I became truly calm and pain free in spite of some major upheavals in my world. If you have read any of my past blogs you know that I have multiple auto immune diseases, have endured seven surgeries, and survived a near death experience while flatlining. Yes it's alot. Thank you to my dearest friends and family for making me laugh and loving me through it all. If I can restore balance in my body, mind & spirit, so can you.

I learned to let go and have fun again. It was not easy. I picked up some social anxiety over the past years and I had to push through it. Going out to enjoy live music, dancing and even dating again has proven to be good medicine for this reformed workaholic. As always, a gigantic leap of faith was needed. I'm enjoying working with people of all ages and the variety it brings. I hope you will reach out if you need help navigating senior care options, or if you are in need of establishing a new healthy pattern for yourself. Here are some of the tips that work for me.

  • Get restorative sleep

  • Hold tight to healthy personal and professional boundaries

  • Take frequent technology breaks

  • Believe you are worthy

  • Practice gratitude & patience

  • Eat the very best whole food diet you can afford

  • Don't isolate! Create bonds with positive people

  • Increase your time in nature

  • Replace fear with faith

  • Establish a daily practice of self-care, and self-compassion

  • Try one new thing that stretches you beyond your comfort zone, weekly or bi-weekly

  • Create your support circle of personal and professional resources

  • Celebrate your success!

What do you struggle with most? Are you able to maintain a healthy balanced routine? If you can incorporate some of these suggestions I know it will help. It takes commitment and dedication to yourself. If you falter, get right back on track. If you need help in any of these areas I hope you will reach out.

Till we meet again,


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